The partners of the FAST-LAB project are the Gorgy Timing company, the FEMTO-ST institute through its Time & Frequency department as well as DISC, and the UMS of the OSU-Theta.

Gorgy Timing is an innovative family-run SME located in Grenoble, dedicated to time dissemination, wishing to extend the range of expertise to secure time dissemination. Gorgy Timing is a leading time distribution operator in Europe. The company manages the SCPTime project, aimed at producing a complete system for generating, distributing and acquiring time. The objective of the project is to disseminate a certified, precise and traceable UTC time (Coordinated Universal Time as a legal time source) at all network nodes all the way to the customer with accuracies ranging from the millisecond to the nanosecond. SCPTime eases the setting and remote maintenance of network connected hardware and equipment. Within this context of technological challenges,Gorgy Timing wishes to develop its research and innovation capabilities in the framework of secure time dissemination witgh the FEMTO-ST institute with the FAST-LAB common laboratory.

FEMTO-ST – UMR 6174, through its Time & Frequency department, is an institute well known at the international level for its expertise in characterizing and generating ultrastable frequency sources. The activites around digital radiofrequency signal processing for characterizing oscillators in the time and frequency domains has led to technical developments meeting the requirements of both partners. FEMTO-ST also hosts the cybersecurity research team through the expertise of its DISC (Département d’Informatique des Systèmes Complexes) department, hence offering a complete synergy ranging from time & frequency to network security.

Auteur : | Date : 22/02/2019