The FAST-LAB — Certified And Secure Time and frequency transfer — common laboratory project aims at promoting and shaping the interest of the FEMTO-ST institute and the company Gorgy Timing for developing secure and certified time dissemination systems [0].

FEMTO-ST, through its Time and Frequency department, exhibits a long and internationally recognized expertise in characterizing and generating ultra-stable frequency signals. Digital signal processing techniques applied to radiofrequency (RF) signals, derived from software defined radio techniques, for characterizing time and spectral characteristics of oscillators provide the opportunity to bridge the fields of interests of the two partners. FEMTO-ST also provides expertise in the field of cybersecurity through the security test team of the Computer Science department (DISC), hence providing a synergy on the research topics ranging from time-frequency to software security.

Time transfer is at the heart of multiple daily activities, ranging for Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS — most commonly referred to as GPS for its American implementation), to clock synchronization for distributed sensor synchronization or fast trading. Indeed, it has been estimated that the losses due to GNSS jamming would range in the billion euro daily [1].

[0] The hummingbird project (2019), movie by K. Nguyen

[1] The economic impact on the UK of a disruption to GNSS (June 2017)

Auteur : JeanMichel | Date : 11/02/2019